Friday, June 12, 2009

Mood = Bummed

A family that we have gotten really close to in the last 9 months or so is moving tomorrow. Their son is the same age as James and was in his preschool class and the mom quickly became one of my closest friends.

We had them over for a final time tonight and it was really hard for all of us to say goodbye.

I have the sadz.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

Sorry it's been so long since the last post. I had a big post of tons of little things typed out on Sunday and forgot to post it! lol So here it is!


We went with some friends to Science City in Kansas City and had a lot of fun. We had a picnic lunch on the bridge over the tracks and got to watch the trains. The kids loved it!



We went to the pool today. Our pool here has added a new splash park and James loves it!

James and I got tooooooo much sun at the pool today! lol I didn't realize his sunblock was expired! And #231 of the reasons it's crappy that your hubby is deployed is that it's REALLY hard to put sunblock on your OWN back! OUCH!

I didn't realize how bad James was until his bath after dinner!! Oops! He looks like the salt water end of a surf and turf meal. He was NOT happy with all the aloe spray and slathering I did to him in the bathroom and refused any stories. I think the pool/sun/fun combo really did him in! lol. Mommy LIKES the pool!

It was nice that we saw many people we knew, so there was always someone to sit and talk with while James played. Apparently we don't have the "right" toys to play with though... so I guess it's a trip to the store in the morning!



James and I just did our bit for the economy!! lol We just came back from a stint in consumerism! I got him some of those rockets that you throw under water and a kickboard. I also got us some snacks for the pool. I've tossed some dinner in my tiny crockpot, so we can stay at the pool as long as we want.

Oh... and on the way back from the store, I called him a booger.... and then he said "I'm not a booger.... I'm a booger EATER!! hahahahaha!!"

~insert eyeroll here~


Well POOP!! Literally! Someone pooped in the pool so they made everyone leave. I would have been really mad if I had paid to get in! lol

I guess it was a good thing that we left though.... James has managed to do a maximum amount of damage to himself in a minimum amount of time! lol


1) got punched in the eye
2) used his face to skid across the concrete
3) got a bloody nose
4) was playing on the monkey bars at the playground and missed, landing on his back and side. It was a 5 ft drop.

All in 3 hours.... Oy that child!


James got tired... but not tired enough. He took a nap on the floor from 5:30-7:30 pm. Bedtime is at 8:15.... I am in TROUBLE!!!


James is showing me all the things he can do with his feet.

James: I can hop on on foot on one foot. I can hop on 2 feet with both feet. I can walk with both feet. and I can RUN with 2 feet!