Saturday, October 30, 2010

REAL Vampires DON'T Sparkle!!

Tonight was Trick or Treating on post. Yeah, yeah... I KNOW!! It's not Halloween... blah... blah... blah. lol! The Powers That Be here on post decided that Trick or Treat was to be tonight instead of Sunday, so Trick or Treating we did go!

Or... Trick or Treating Hubby and James did go! lol. I hung out at home and passed out candy. It was only fair, since Hubby has only gotten to take James out twice (counting tonight) due to work or deployments.

This year James decided he was going to be a vampire. (Actually, he wanted to be a vampire last year, but I wanted to get ONE more year of "cute" costumes out of him before we went the scary/gross out route... hence last year's Imagination Mover... did I post about that?? Damn.... I can't remember if I did. It was super cute too, lol. I sucked last year, sorry)

And wow.... I do ramble on sometimes, don't I? lol

ANYway... lol... I couldn't help but put my own stamp on his costume, hence the hair and makeup. I wanted him to reference the cool, suave "Old School" vamps and not the newer, more recent teenybopper version.... Although... if I had been walking with him, I would have worn a t-shirt that said "Team James" on the front and "Real Vampires don't Sparkle" on the back.... but I didn't because it wouldn't have made sense if I wore it to pass out candy! lol

ANYway.... AGAIN.... lol Pictures Now!!

I Vant to Suck Your Bluuuuuuuuuuhd!!!!

"Grrrrrrrr...... Scary!!"


James REALLY enjoyed helping me give out candy when they were done Trick or Treating

ALMOST as much as he loved playing with the fog machine! lol

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing tops off an evening of pumpkin carving....

Like cleaning puke out of the carpet.....

Multiple times.

And rewashing a laundry basket of clothes and 2 sets of linens from your child's bed....

And dealing with the ensuing tears and hysterics...

In your underwear....

While your dearest hubby is *asleep* in the nice warm, comfy bed.

Just Sayin'

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

It's almost that time again!!! (<-----wow I say that a lot!!) Halloween!!! And all the Ghosties and Ghoulies at our house are pulling out (some) of the stops this year, lol.

James has been bugging us to carve pumpkins..... and he DESPERATELY wanted to do his OWN pumpkin this year. Hubby and I had (quite a few) reservations, but thinking back, I remembered that I was carving my own pumpkin at 6 (I was a prize winning pumpkin carver as a kid), so we decided that as long as he would scoop the guts, he could carve his own.

So... not only did he gut his pumpkin (mostly, lol) he designed it (I drew the design on the pumpkin for him... ironically, he is better with a saw than a sharpie! lol) and (mostly) carved it!! And it was all done with a shocking lack of blood loss! I'm such a proud (and amazed)Mama right now.

So without further ado...... Pumpkin carving!

Ack!!! Somebody let James loose with a knife!!



Pumpkin Nose!!


Click HERE to watch him carve! I loled when I watched this and listened to what the tv was saying in the background!

Daddy's a good teacher



Curves are HARD!!


All done!



Lit up!



Hee Hee.... Pumpkin!


What's in there?? lol


eta: pumpkin carving trivia! All my pumpkins have always had ears. James loves that idea, so he incorporated it into his. *sniff* ~insert watery smile here~ Love that kid!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

That time of year again! Part 2: The Birthday Party!!

I know I usually flake when I say that I'm going to blog something "later".... so I'm sure you all are SHOCKED that I'm actually following through this time! lol

As you know, we had an Airplane themed Birthday Party... and where better to have an airplane themed birthday party.... but at a hangar at an airfield?!? We were very lucky that the General Aviation Airfield here on post allowed us to rent their main hangar for the party, as I was scrambling for a space large enough for the party I was planning (my teeny tiny house and postage stamp back yard would NOT handle 16 kids AND their parents!)

I designed the invitations to look like Boarding passes that you would print out after purchasing plane tickets. Several people (for whom I didn't have b&m addresses) actually got them emailed to them with this email:

You Are Invited for Some High Flying Fun!


Thank you for choosing G Airlines! We are looking forward to you joining us for Cap'n James's 6th Birthday, Saturday September 18th! Check in is at 2pm at the General Avation Airfield on post. The flight, E-Ticket details, and a map for your reservation are attached and printer-ready. Please contact a ticket agent (aka: Sharon, James's Mom) to confirm or cancel your reservation.

We are looking forward to flying with you!

Sharon G
Head Ticket Agent/Birthday Flight Attendant

At the party every child was given a passport with their name on it when they "checked in" with me and dropped their presents off at Baggage Check.

They then had the opportunity to do several activities. They could go dress up in a pilot hat/jacket/mirrored sunglasses/aviator scarf and get their passport picture taken at the Passport Picture Station....

OR They could go directly to the Paper Airplane Making Station with their "carry on parents" (up to 2 were allowed! lol), where there were plenty of paper, markers, stickers, ect and directions for them to make whatever kinds of airplanes their little hearts desired.

James was very proud of his!

When they were done making airplanes they could fly them around in the large center of the hangar or they could test their skills on the Landing Strip.

After the kids got tired of flying planes, we played several games.... Musical Clouds (just like musical chairs, except using cloud cutouts and the kids had to pretend to be airplanes and "fly" around... we played "Leaving on a Jet Plane" for the music of course!), Plane, Plane, Helicopter (Duck, duck, goose), and The Pilot Says. We were supposed to get a plane for all the kids to sit in/climb on, but that was cancelled at the last minute, so we got to play a few more games than planned, lol!

We then adjourned to the tables for refreshments. I decorated the main table with a black "runway" that had a toy hangar at one end and a flight tower at the other. Along the runway were several toy planes, 3 of which were used as weights for the balloon "clouds" over head. Plane cutouts hung from the clouds and with fishing line to look like they were flying.

Every child got an "in flight meal" and a juice box or water and of course... CAKE and individual cups of ice cream.

I think he liked his cake!!

There were snacks avaiable for the adults on the Cake table. The banner on that table was supposed to be in the air, supported by 5 clusters of balloon clouds, but I ran out of time and opted for using it on the table instead.

After Cake, presents and more playing, our guests stopped at Baggage Claim before departing.

A MILLION thanks to my BF Leah, my dearest Hubby and my ever-patient Mother-in-Law Cheryl, without whom this party would have crashed and burned at several junctions. And many thanks to everyone one who came! It was such a great time!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reason # 42931 My Child is Weird....

He is sitting at the kitchen table, eating a slice of raw sweet potato, and making nmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmm-yummmmmmmm noises.