Monday, November 16, 2009

So... yeah... it's been a while....


I'm sorry about that. James and I spent most of our summer at the pool (thank you free passes for spouses of deployed soldiers). And really, besides that and the implosion of my laptop, I have no REAL excuse for not blogging. The last month or 2 have been personally challenging and I just haven't had the energy, honestly, to put it all out there.

But tonight, I learned that my cousin and his wife are expecting #3 (I read it on THEIR blog! lol) and it made me so happy to read their news. And then I realized, that I have no idea when I would have heard about it, had it not been for the internet.... which led me to the thought that I need to share more of our lives with you, our friends and family, who may not get the updates and stories through any "regular" channels.

Mea Culpa... Mea Culpa.... I will try to do better in the future. In the coming posts, I will attempt to fill you in on the past few months of swimming, first days of school, birthdays, ect.... and I will do my best to torture you with my horrible grammar, poor sentence structure and stream-of-consciousness writing on a more consistent basis! lol

Until then.... here is some cuteness to tide you over