Thursday, November 20, 2008

The boy is quick on his feet!

James just came up to me and said "Take a picture of me and I'll say *November*"

The problem?? Yeah.... he's wearing socks. JUST socks.

"I can't take your picture, buddy. You're naked!"

He stops..... thinks for a second.... places one hand on his butt and says "My butt is covered!"

Then he places his other hand in front of his boy bits and said "My penis is covered.... NOW can you take my picture??"


At least he knows all the pertinent parts!! lol I'd be worried if he covered his knees or something! lol

James's Ensemble for the Evening

A pair of socks.


Friday, November 14, 2008

I must look cold

James keeps putting towels on me to "keep you warm, Mommy"

I'm currently sporting 4 towels, one hot pink hand towel, a blue/yellow/white striped towel, a dish towel with sunflowers, and a navy blue bath sheet.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My little Emeril!!

James helped me make dinner tonight. We're having Hamburger Helper.

Mommy: fried the hamburger, supervised, and poured the juice.

picked the meal
helped read the box (he read the words: 2 cups milk and 1 1/4 cups Hot Water!)
helped measure Everything
poured the milk in the pan
poured the water in the pan
poured the sauce mix in the pan
poured the macaroni in the pan
poured the veggies in the pan
put the lid on the pan when the liquid started boiling
alerted Mommy to the stove beeping
stirred the Hamburger Helper
scooped Hamburger Helper into his own bowl
made his own toast
buttered his own toast
set his place
is now enjoying the meal that we created!

James just said "We are good Cooks together. We should get stars on our shirts. 2 on my shirt and 2 on yours!!"

My heart is so full of love and pride for this awesome kid that I have!

Friday, November 7, 2008

All that and Good Looks too!!

I went to a Parent/Teacher conference today with James's teacher, Ms. Brigita. Ms. Brigita pretty much confirmed my opinion..... that James is a fabulously brilliant child! lol

She says that he's the most academically advanced child in her class. She said he's the only child that can and will count past 20 without prompting and is impressed that he understands that numbers come in groups of ten (i.e.: He doesn't remember the word for 30... when counting he goes 28, 29, 20-10.. but if you tell him that 20-10 is 30 he will continue counting 31, 32.... with no prompting). She pointed out that he can identify his name in print and knows all his letters. She touched on the fact that he speaks very clearly, has a large vocabulary and a very descriptive way of talking.

She also says that he is very vocal and musical. She is VERY impressed that he changes words in songs and makes up different lyrics to go to the melodies of songs. She told me that he sings all day long, not just in circle time. He makes up songs to describe the things that he's doing or changes lyrics to fit what he is playing with. No other child in class does THAT either!

He handles writing implements correctly and uses them with equal dexterity in either hand. Neither she nor I have been able to catch him with a "preference" or a "dominant" hand. I even asked him this morning when he was *markering* (as he calls it) "Buddy, which hand to you like to write with??" He pointed to his left hand and said "I like to write with this hand", and then he pointed to his right hand and said "I like to write with this hand TOO!" (I mention this because there has been some question as to whether or not he is left handed, remind me to blog about that later...)

He doesn't play "with" kids as much as he plays "beside" them. We chalked this up to him not having a lot of experience with other kids. It's mostly always been James and me hanging out. But that when he does play with other children, he uses his words and is very kind.... if just a little thoughtless and grabby... if that makes sense.

She also mentioned that he's not a big "sitter" at school. He'll sit wonderfully for circle time, but has problems sitting and doing a project... He's like a bumblebee going from station to station. We think that may be because he is way more stimulated at school. She mentioned that he loves to play with the trains and the blocks and all the stations where you "create" things".

So there you go. I have a highly intelligent, creative child. Well... as I always say.... like Mother like Son!!

Since I'm bragging, I will add here that James can read any word that has short letter sounds, no matter the length of the word. He is ALWAYS trying to sound out words we see. He knows that when two O's go walking, that they make the "oo" sound and that when two E's go walking, that they make the "long e" sound. He can do simple addition and subtraction. We do adding games with our fingers and any objects (such as blocks or apples). He counts just about everything he sees.... sometime he even slows us down because he insists on counting or reading something... sooooooo much fun in the produce dept of the commissary... let me tell you!! lol

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Yeah... I know I'm 5 days late! lol... so sue me! I hope these adorable pics will make up for my horrible oversight.

Mea culpa... mea culpa.... mea culpa!

And now..... (drumroll please)

The cutest firefighter EVER!!

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We started our evening at a Halloween party given by Housing at the Firehouse. We saw several people we haven't seen in a while and got to visit with several friends. It was a fun, fun time for all! While we were too late for James's section of costume judging, he did get to eat hot dogs and chips, run around with friends from school and then join up with the local volunteer fire department and work on clearing the area of those pesky trees that desperately need to be chopped down by plastic hatchets...


There were originally four... but the youngest firefighter needed to go potty so I wasn't able to get the picture with all four of them.

James with the Fire Dog




We had such a good time! It was REALLY hot though... and poor James looked like he'd been hosed down under that helmet... and yet he REFUSED to take the costume off in the car on the way home! lol I practically had to bust out the Jaws of Life to get it off at the end of the evening!! ~insert eye roll here~

We hooked up with a family down the street for TOTing. So it was James and I, my friend Leah and 3 of her kids. And we walked....

and walked....

and walked...

and walked...


We ended walking around 2.5 miles.... and with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, that is a LOT!! lol Too much candy and too much fun (on top of going to school, where they had a fall festival, that day too!) wiped the littlest fire fighter out and he went a-snooze in his bed with dreams of sugarplums and sirens!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is a Historic Day for Us All

Barac Obama has been elected President of the United States.

It is my sincere hope that, even though he was not *my* choice, Pres Elect Obama can live up to his hype and be a truly great president. I pray that he proves my doubts wrong and that God keeps him safe to fulfill his destiny. Whatever happens in the next 4 years, I hope that it is what is best for our country. I hope he has the wisdom, strength, and character to stand in the face of all his future challenges and has the ability to lead the greatest country in the whole world.

I wish him the best.

And I am VERY proud to be watching this very important moment in history. Our country has come a LONG way!