Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big News, Big News!

Though NOT as big as we thought it was!

We got a call a week ago last Thursday that our family was going to be PCSed to Fort Bliss, Texas, where Hubby would join a BCT (Brigade Combat Team) attached to a Cavalry Regiment and then be Deployed to Iraq. For those of you that don't know, Fort Bliss is in the VERY west corner of Texas, RIGHT across the Mexican border from Juarez, Mexico... you know.... the place where all those drug wars are going on and the Mexican Military has taken over for the local police?? Yeah... there....

The report date they gave us was June 10th, which means if Hubby wanted to take leave, we would have to be packed up and moving the FIRST WEEK IN MAY! Basically, we would be uprooted to a place that we do not know, have no desire to be and have no support system within less than 11 hours and that Hubby would leave immediately after we got there for 15 months.

I have been freaking out for over a week! lol But I decided that I would put off worrying about it until a) after my trip (which was AWESOME!!), b) until we found out more info about the job that Hubby would have and c) Hubby talked to some people who had already been there and could tell us a little bit about what to expect for housing/schools/services ect.

We were also waiting to hear if Hubby got on the list to be promoted to E-7, and they were supposed to release that info on Friday, but didn't until today.

So Hubby, the King of Timing, called me during James's gymnastics class today to ask me if I would prefer him deploying out of Fort Bliss or Here!

Then my phone went dead!!

Once I re-established a connection with him (and my heart quit pounding), he told me that he'd been offered the chance to deploy with his unit, under a SGT Major that he knows and respects, and that James and I would be able to stay here, in our house and life, while he was gone. And then he asked what I thought. Eventhough it was killing me, I told him to take which ever job was better for his career... that we can handle short-term discomfort to help him achieve our long-term goals. Thankfully, the jobs are equally good for his career. I cried for 15 minutes in the middle of gymnastics class from sheer relief! lol


So we are STAYING HERE!! YAY!! <-------- NEVER thought I would be thankful for staying in Kansas. I have decided that this was God's way of telling me to quit complaining about Kansas and that it could be worse! lol So if anyone ever hears me complaining about being "stuck" here.... just say 2 words to me.... Fort Bliss, lol! Or Fort (Anywhere else but here would be considered) Bliss, as we like to call it! lol

So that's all the news/info I have for now. Oh... except that Hubby did NOT make the list for his 7. But I was so happy for the other news that this is just a small disappointment. I am certain that he will be up for his 7 in the future and that he will get it, so I consider this only a small set back, if it is a set back at all.


Tracy said...

I'm so, so happy for you!

Anna Mae said...

Congrats! I didn't see that update on WTC. I'm very happy for you guys!