Monday, November 16, 2009

So... yeah... it's been a while....


I'm sorry about that. James and I spent most of our summer at the pool (thank you free passes for spouses of deployed soldiers). And really, besides that and the implosion of my laptop, I have no REAL excuse for not blogging. The last month or 2 have been personally challenging and I just haven't had the energy, honestly, to put it all out there.

But tonight, I learned that my cousin and his wife are expecting #3 (I read it on THEIR blog! lol) and it made me so happy to read their news. And then I realized, that I have no idea when I would have heard about it, had it not been for the internet.... which led me to the thought that I need to share more of our lives with you, our friends and family, who may not get the updates and stories through any "regular" channels.

Mea Culpa... Mea Culpa.... I will try to do better in the future. In the coming posts, I will attempt to fill you in on the past few months of swimming, first days of school, birthdays, ect.... and I will do my best to torture you with my horrible grammar, poor sentence structure and stream-of-consciousness writing on a more consistent basis! lol

Until then.... here is some cuteness to tide you over


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Team Martins said...

welcome back!

so sorry to hear that there has been a lot of personally challenging stuff going on... if you need an ear (or screen) you know where to find us... right?

and, thanks for the congrats!! we need to do better for sure!

much love and just look at how James has grown!!!