Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Put Hubby on the Plane

To go back to the sandbox. *sigh*

The good thing is that he only has about 3 or so months left (he took the absolute latest leave possible) and we had an AWESOME R&R.

He flew out on Delta and they were just awesome. Hubby didn't even have to show his orders. They just asked for my ID and printed me out a gate pass. Easy Peasy.

It was really sweet and sad to watch Hubby with . James had picked a long book at bedtime last night and Hubby read 1/2 of it then and promised that he would read the rest to him at the airport. It was very cute to see this big soldier in uniform with his little boy on his lap reading "Curious George goes to the Hospital"

The gate attendant even offered to let Hubby stay off the plane until they were ready to close the doors, but we declined that. I could see that he was just on the edge and couldn't handle it, kwim?

So, i'm just feeling a little hollow and fragile right now. This crap does NOT get easier with practice. Here's hoping the next few months fly by.

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almost five said...

I'm so sorry; just can't imagine... thank you to your whole family for all you do to protect and serve the rest of us.

Much love from us!