Thursday, February 26, 2009


OMG you guys!

James found a piece of plastic pipe (about 1 in diam?) and was playing with it while I was putting stuff in the bread machine. He was in the living room for about a minute and then ran back into the kitchen. He was doing that gulping cry that proceeds a huge screaming crying fit while pointing to his mouth.

So I asked him "Did you bump your mouth?" He nodded and I said, "Well let me see"

Lips.... Fine
Teeth.... All there
Tounge... OK

By this time he was super upset and just wailing without making a sound and I just couldn't see ANYTHING that would make him act like that! So I checked again....

Lips.... Fine
Teeth.... All there
Tounge... OK... wait... there's a little blood...

So I had him tip his head back.... he had gouged a bloody flap in the roof of his mouth!! By this time he was screaming to beat the band! I let him have a few sips of water and then I squirted warm salt water over the wound (He did NOT care for that!! Let me tell you!! I managed to talk him into letting me do that again. Then I made him swish with cool water to get all the blood out of his mouth.

He's now laying on his couch, watching Scooby Doo to make him feel better.

He just turned to me and said "I just feel like there's a hole in my mouth"

Poor Buddy......

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