Friday, February 6, 2009

So... I went swimming for the first time in almost 3 yrs...

Like.... REAL swimming.


HALF an hours worth!!

In a pool... without my kid!

AND treading water, in the deep end for over 5 mins!!

O.M.G. My. arms. hurt. so. bad. I'm having to prop my elbows on my knees to type! lol

Why did I do this?? What insanity possessed me to bestir myself from my favorite chair sitting/laptop surfing/diet coke swilling existence??

I blame the weather.

I've been promising myself that I would get back in the pool for exercise. I still have "baby weight" that needs to be shed... but it occurred to me recently, that once the "baby" turns 4 (and a HALF!!) that it can no longer be termed "baby weight" and has instead, morphed itself into Fat. Not just fat..... Fat. With a capital F. *sigh*

I have been less than motivated, however, to go to the pool in sub-freezing weather. For some reason, I have absolutely NO problem dragging my child to swimming class in the snow (actually I do... it means my Fat and I have to get up out of bed and go out in the SNOW!!), but quail at the thought of doing it myself! So today when it was 71(!!!) degrees outside, my Fat could no longer come up with any reasons for me not to tuck it into a swimsuit (eeps!!) and go to the pool. I must admit that catching a glimpse of my Fat in a simple one piece swim suit (with no Fat disgusing qualities like a skirt or super duper, steel-belted, mesh paneling) almost had me convinced that I needed to stay home. I knew I was going to cry if I heard one "mooooooo" from ANYONE at the pool.

Note to self: Do NOT go swimming 1.5 hours after drinking a Grande White Chocolate Mocha and eating a slab of marble pound cake. You WILL feel the need to vomit in the middle of the pool.

Out of all my years on the swim team, I never knew that you could sweat in the pool.... but I found it out today when I was in the middle of a lap, praying to make it to the wall without yarfing. I HAD to keep going, eventhough I was breaking out in a cold sweat all over my body and the wall kept getting farther and farther away with every stroke instead of closer. It is SUCH bad form to puke and drown in front of your child's swimming teacher in the deep end of the pool.

After swimming for 1/2 hour (about 24 laps and 5 mins of treading water), I drug my Fat back to the locker room for a shower and 15 glorious minutes in the sauna, where I was forced to hold a naked conversation with an elderly asian woman who was devoid of the Fat. *sigh* Then my Fat and I got dressed and went home.

And one would think this was the end of the story.... but it's not! lol

Deluded and quite possibly still dizzy from the sauna, my Fat and I decided to WALK to James's school to pick him up!! Walk!! I felt the need to know how long it takes to walk from our house to the CDC; so that when it begins to be warm ALL the time, we will use our feet to go to school instead of the car in an attempt to first reduce the Fat to fat and then to be rid of it completely.

For those of you who want to know, it takes 15 mins (or 2 Ricky Martins, one Aretha Franklin, and 1/2 an Adam Ant) to get from my front door to James's classroom sans child.

Not bad.

It takes quite a bit longer with said child in tow, as we are almost compelled to stop at the blue playground on the way home. But it's all good.

The bad news?? My arms hurt too much to cook dinner (note #2 to self... do NOT try to lift a full gallon of milk, for like, a week).... so we had pizza. My Fat was happy again.



Anonymous said...

Dooood! So, last night NJ bff told me that our new community building complex (that houses the new elementary school, public preschool, alternative school and adult education program) has a POOL and it's FREE every day that school is in session (so M-F w/ the exception of holidays and whatnot) from 6-8PM, and NO ONE goes.

Guess who's going ...

shaibaer said...

lol... just remember to stop off at Sbux AFTER you swim. AFTER is VERY important!! lol