Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need Vacation Ideas!!

As you've learned in my earlier posts, loyal readers, Hubby is being deployed to Iraq. We just found out yesterday that he will be leaving from here before the last week in May. ~insert sad face here~ He's going to try to take 3 or so weeks of leave before he goes and has asked me to come up with some family vacation ideas.

Would you believe that we've never gone on a vacation that didn't involve going to visit family? We didn't even take a honeymoon!! (Ok... ONE night at the Country Inn Suites in Bowling Green, Ky does NOT a honeymoon make). So, believe it or not, my vacation deal finding skillz are quite rusty and I need some help!

Hubby's vacation requests were a)somewhere warm (Kansas still hasn't gotten the memo that it's spring) and b) somewhere fun, lol. I'm tacking on c) somewhere with lots of family fun options that are 4 yr old who doesn't sit still very well appropriate! lol I was thinking maybe somewhere with a beach, as James has never seen the ocean and would go kookoo for all that fun sand!

We are open to anything and anywhere. Some of our ideas were, Hawaii, Virginia Beach and Orlando/Disney.... so advice on those places would be great also.

PLEASE HELP!! I'm begging you!!


Lacy Rose said...

13blackcats(Lacy) here! Virginia beach has my vote...of course I am alittle partial since I live here and all :)

Tracy said...

You just cannot go wrong with Orlando. There really is something for everyone there!