Monday, May 18, 2009

The Saga Continues....

Well, dear readers.... here we are, 5 days before Hubby is supposed to ship out to Iraq.... and we STILL don't know whether he's going on Saturday OR if we are going to have to pack up the house and move! ~insert MONDO eyeroll here~

For those of you who haven't been following along, Hubby was given orders to Fort Bliss about a month and a half ago, where he would join a BCT and deploy, necessitating us to move to Texas. THEN he was told that he was hand picked, BY NAME, to join a MTT team and deploy, but we (James and I) could stay here, where we have friends, a home and James's school. For Hubby to be part of this MTT team, his orders to Bliss needed to be deleted, and we've been told for the last 3 or so weeks that this would not be a problem, since he had everything done, all we needed was the General to sign off on the Order Deletion.

That order has been on his desk for 2 weeks and he still hasn't signed it.

We are sitting here, 5 days out and have no idea what's going to happen or where we are going to live this summer.

We found this out last week while we were on vacation (I'll blog about that later, it was sooooooooooooo much fun!), and thank goodness we did! At least, hubby was able to make some phone calls and alert some people to the fact that they might be short for the mission. If we hadn't found out until today (we got home last night late), it would have probably been a done deal that we would be moving.

I am so frustrated, I could scream! I haven't been looking into schools or places to live in Texas, because we thought this was a lock! We would have taken a trip to Texas this past week looking for houses and signing leases, instead of going to Branson, swimming, fishing, going to Silver Dollar City, ect and having fun.

Please keep your fingers crossed that whatever is best for our family, comes to pass (Hey, God.... Yeah... It's me, Sharon.... could you try to have that whole "best thing for the fam" stuff to happen here at Ft.Lv?? Kaithanx!).

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