Saturday, December 5, 2009


James and I went to a birthday party today at the T-Rex Cafe and had a lovely time. We decided to work on finishing up our Christmas lists and hit the stores.

He got lost at the PX.

I about flipped my lid! Thank goodness our PX is small! He wanted to go look at the toys (AGAIN) and rounded the corner, then disappeared! I ran back and forth across the px, after checking the toys and Santa, yelling his name. People kept saying I just missed him! I finally heard "Mom! Mom! Moooooooooom?" from between the racks in the Men's Dept 1/2 way across the store! What ever possessed him to go THERE I don't know.... I was getting ready to go to Customer Service to have them shut the gate across the front!

Needless to say, he had to ride in the cart for the rest of the time We had a discussion about how if that happens again, that he needs to go to the cash registers and tell them he's lost. And we'll be having that discussion every time we go into a store for quite a while.

I'm still having trouble catching my breath!

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Team Martins said...


i am so sorry; those moments when you can't find your child are awful, gut wrenching... just plain awful.

i fear i will not leave the house after i give birth in may in worry that i might lose them all!

so glad he's okay! and hopefully you are too!