Saturday, October 30, 2010

REAL Vampires DON'T Sparkle!!

Tonight was Trick or Treating on post. Yeah, yeah... I KNOW!! It's not Halloween... blah... blah... blah. lol! The Powers That Be here on post decided that Trick or Treat was to be tonight instead of Sunday, so Trick or Treating we did go!

Or... Trick or Treating Hubby and James did go! lol. I hung out at home and passed out candy. It was only fair, since Hubby has only gotten to take James out twice (counting tonight) due to work or deployments.

This year James decided he was going to be a vampire. (Actually, he wanted to be a vampire last year, but I wanted to get ONE more year of "cute" costumes out of him before we went the scary/gross out route... hence last year's Imagination Mover... did I post about that?? Damn.... I can't remember if I did. It was super cute too, lol. I sucked last year, sorry)

And wow.... I do ramble on sometimes, don't I? lol

ANYway... lol... I couldn't help but put my own stamp on his costume, hence the hair and makeup. I wanted him to reference the cool, suave "Old School" vamps and not the newer, more recent teenybopper version.... Although... if I had been walking with him, I would have worn a t-shirt that said "Team James" on the front and "Real Vampires don't Sparkle" on the back.... but I didn't because it wouldn't have made sense if I wore it to pass out candy! lol

ANYway.... AGAIN.... lol Pictures Now!!

I Vant to Suck Your Bluuuuuuuuuuhd!!!!

"Grrrrrrrr...... Scary!!"


James REALLY enjoyed helping me give out candy when they were done Trick or Treating

ALMOST as much as he loved playing with the fog machine! lol

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