Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days, Snow Days... There's no going to School Days....

There has been NO school here at all this week!

We've gotten 12 inches of snow. (I know that is NOTHING compared to you in the East) Current temps are 5 degrees. Wind chill is -10.

Tomorrow is going to be -5. Fun times... no school tomorrow either! lol

Mom is having to get creative coming up with fun things to do with James to keep from going stir crazy.

Yesterday, before it got too cold to play outside, We all went outside and took advantage of the hill behind our house. We busted out the snow-tube and saucer to have some snowy fun.

Sledding is NOT just for kids!

Bowling for Jameses

And YES... I *DID* sled... several times!! I just happened to have full possession of the camera that quite possibly might have been zippered into my pocket the entire time...

There is nothing quite like playing in the snow. We had so much fun. James made snow angles, built moguls on his snow tube run, licked the snow (don't ask... he is so weird), caught snowflakes on his tongue and *attempted* to be slick by sneaking up and pelting Mom with a huge snowball while she was trying to take pictures. Then he was schooled on how getting snow down Mommy's shirt earns you a whitewash, lol.

There are pink cheeks and cold fingers to warm up between runs, so thanks to our friends who gave us a fire pit when they moved, we were able to stay out longer than we normally would have. We would have had marshmallows and hotdogs, but the hotdogs were frozen and somehow slacker Mommy didn't manage to have large marshmallows in stock, only mini ones.... and we all know how difficult those are to get on a coat hanger! lol


Today was cleaning, tv and board games!

We played Scrabble Jr., Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Bingo, and Operation.

And since Mommy can only take so much fun, we baked and decorated cookies, lol We found some leftover gingerbread cookie dough in the fridge(thanks Mr. Pillsbury! lol) and broke into Mommy's stash of fondant and decorator markers to make a big family of Gingerbread men.

(I am supposed to make sure to tell you that James decorated NINE cookies. NINE. Yes... I know there are only 8 in the pictures.... I wasn't fast enough with the camera)

I only managed to get 2 before Picasso over there snagged the rest of the cookies to decorate.....

James requested a "summer" Cookie, so this one is a little different.

If anyone has any ideas for tomorrow, I'm all ears!! lol

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