Saturday, February 5, 2011


Ok.. not really. But it *did* snow. A lot! And it was COLD and WINDY!

James managed to hit the Trifecta of Snow Days. School was out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the weather and Friday was Parent-Teacher Conferences/In Service... so no school THEN either!! We haven't a full week of school since mid-December!

AND it's supposed to Snow again on Sunday.


It got so bad on Friday, I took him to a McDonalds with a playland and to the movies to see Yogi Bear.... neither of which are things I would usually be caught dead doing, lol.

Anyway... at least it was warm enough today to toss him out the back door to play in the snow. And NO... I did NOT slam it and lock it behind him! lol I went out and we slid on the snow and made a snow man.

Oh... and see that beautifully dry sidewalk behind the snow man?? SOMEBODY decided to throw snowballs at the garage wall while I was typing this, getting snow all over it.

The short perpetrator is sweeping the walk as I speak, whining "There's tooooo much snoooooooowwwwww!"

Uh Yeah... there wouldn't have been.... if you hadn't THROWN it there, Genius! ~facepalm~

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