Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It all goes by so fast!

Tomorrow is my Baby's LAST day of Kindy!!

How did that happen??

After this summer, I will no longer have a "little kid" in my house. I will be the parent of a "grader".

I don't know if *I* am ready for this! lol

Since August, The Kid has gained 11 pounds, grown more than 3 inches and became a year older. He's lost at LEAST 2 teeth (forgive me, but the Tooth Fairy has a bad memory!). He's had surgery (and Mommy survived!) and got a new belly button. He's said goodbye to several friends, including Christina (That's the girl I'm going to MARRY, Mom!) and made several new ones. He's played soccer (and scored in every game except 1!) and worked really hard on his swimming (He can almost do an entire lap without stopping!) He's ridden the BIG person roller coasters, spent countless hours outside and mastered Mario Kart.

*phew* That's a LOT of stuff! I think I need a nap!!