Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm torn.... like REALLY torn!

I guess you really *should* be careful what you wish for!

As you know, this move to Germany is HUGE. I've been DYING (DY-I.N.G.) to go to Germany since Hubs and I got married. Ten whole years! And just as I thought we'd be stuck HERE for the rest of his career, our dream comes true!


Things are finally falling into place for the kid. He has the "perfect" teacher for him. She is Ah-MAY-zing. He has a diagnosis and is on a med that is really seems to be making a difference. We have gotten approved for ABA therapy to help him with his issues and we are in the process of getting him an IEP at school. I feel we are being taken seriously and his school knows him and he has history there.

I'm so torn! I know that it is best for our marriage for us to stay together as a family. The separation won't break us (we've been apart before, as you know), but we've already missed so much time together that it seems wrong to CHOOSE to be apart, you know? Do the needs of the individual trump the needs of the family? And it's not like he's severely handicapped, but he does need help and I'm not sure we'll be getting the same level of help where we are going.

*sigh* Why can't this be easy?

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