Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 2: Family Advent Calendar Activity

The activity?? ReArranging and cleaning the living room in anticipation of going to get the Christmas tree!! Yay!!

Yeah.... it went over THAT well here too.

I'm now sitting in a totally rearranged and yet, completly trashed living room. Somehow, this isn't how I pictured it! The fam, Big G, little G, and I were supposed to be joyfully rearranging furniture to the wonderful strains of Christmas music wafting out of the cd player.

What actually happenned?? Big G was in bed asleep because he's getting sick and had to be at work tonight. Little G was doing all he could to get on Mommy's LAST nerve. It's not so much that I minded that James did not help me AT ALL.... it was the active HINDERING that made me just a *touch* cranky! lol It is slightly irritating to attempt to move a couch while a child is laying in front of it screaming "Don't run over me, Mommy!! Don't push the couch on me!!" You'd think I'd kidnapped his dog and was attempting to drive off on the getaway couch! ~insert eyeroll here~

Somehow, I'm thinking that these "family activities" need to get a LOT better a LOT faster... or I'm going to lose the crew's enthusiasm.


Mini rant:

All I want for Christmas is 3 more feet of width on my living room. Or a husband that is willing to have a fake tree that will fit in the areas that I already have open, so I don't have to rearrange my heavy assed furniture twice a year and get all pissed off at the fact that it is all really too big for my stupid living room. The only way to arrange it for Christmas cuts off 1/2 the room, ruins the flow, and creates huge blank, blocked off areas. *sigh* I love my furniture, but make no mistake...we didn't buy it at "Lilliputian's Furniture and Crap".


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