Monday, December 1, 2008

Day One: Family Advent Calendar Activity

I WAS going to post about our new family tradition. It is an advent calendar where each day has a wonderful memory making activity, that I would then blog about at the end of the day.

But seeing as how the world is conspiring to piss me the hell off.... the family fun crap is being postponed until tomorrow.

It is seriously a wonder I don't just start clearing the Jerks at the commissary and the PX out with a shotgun in a "end of my rope holiday frickin rampage". It's December FIRST for cripe's sake!! The RUDENESS I have encountered today has topped the all time charts! I usually just laugh off people's idiocy during the holidays or chalk it up to them having a bad day.... but when EVERY PERSON that I see/speak to/have cross my path feels the need to not give a flying crap about the people around them/mow children down/says something rude/gives general attitude/almost hits you or your car in the parking lot because THEY are in too freaking big of a hurry to get that stuffed rhinocerous horn that Grandma just *has* to have to obey basic traffic laws, then *I* get a little perturbed and cranky myself.




P.S. Today's activity(s) was "Pick an angel off the angel tree on the way home from school" and "Make advent Calendar". We DID pick an angel. James and I picked a little 2 yr old boy who loves trains. "Go with what you know" I always say! lol

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