Friday, December 3, 2010

When did this become a cake blog??

lol I don't know! But here you go.... ANOTHER cake post!

Hubby's department needed cake for some dealy-o at work where some high octane muckety-mucks are coming through and he asked me last Saturday if I'd be willing to volunteer to make it. For Today.... or Friday morning by 10 am to be specific.

And like the moron that I am, I said "Sure! Why not! It won't be too hard to whip up a cake! What do you need?"

This cake has been the BANE of my existence! It went from one big cake, to seven small cakes, to seven large cakes, and back down to 2 cakes.... one huge and one pretty big. I was ready to kill myself before I even broke out the kitchen aide! But you know me... I'm game for anything (or insane... the votes are still out and it could go either way.)

So I went to the store for the supplies for White Almond Sour Cream Cake (my "go to" cake when I have to do some carving and when I'm covering with fondant), buttercream and fondant. Yes.... I MADE my own fondant and buttercream (which way are you gonna vote now? lol) and baked three 12 x 18 sheet cakes... that ended up being 11x17 after I carved and leveled them. My stupid oven bakes crooked so I have to put the wet wraps on the pan and spin the cakes 3 times while baking. I still end up with cake that is 1 in tall in one corner and almost 3 in the other. I end up with more cake in the carvings bowl than I do on the board! lol

Carving, covering, crying, stripping, re-covering, lying in the fetal position on the floor of the closet vibrating in a sugar induced seizure, panicked calls to Cake Guru friend after a fondant emergency (MANY thanks Anna Mae!!), several sleepless nights, fast food and tons of hand painting later, I have 2 beautiful cakes to present at the event. My kitchen looks like the opening scene in NCIS and if you didn't know I was working with an insane amount of powdered sugar, you'd think it was a drug bust gone bad! lol

I think they came out Totally Awesome! (If I do say so myself) The theme is "Poker", so I made a "Hand" of cards and a deck of cards. The hand of cards ended up being 24 z 20 and the deck ended up being 11 x 17! From now on, I will only make cute, small botique cakes. If I need to feed a large amount of people, I'll make a plain sheet cake to hide in the back and serve, lol!

I have come to the conclusion that I like the decorating and eating of the cake. I need Minions

to bake, make the fondant, buttercream and bring me already baked/covered cakes to be painted or decorated. Then they need to clean up and set my kitchen to rights.

Oh.... and cook dinner and parent my child while I'm doing the cakes! lol

Any volunteers??

Eta: I guess all that money Mom and Dad spent on my Graphic Design degree didn't go to waste after all, lol!!

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