Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Holiday..... Another Hospital!

As I sit here composing this post in my head I realize that I never blogged about Thanksgiving.

Part of our Thanksgiving was spent at the emergency room. James face-planted into the concrete outside of the movie theater after we went to see Tangled. There was lots of blood. His face was pretty banged up and he had a fat lip and a goose egg, but nothing was broken and he didn't seem to have a concussion. Thank goodness he'd already lost that front tooth, or it may have been knocked out. It was pretty epic as far as face-plants go, but I'd rather not have a repeat of it! lol

Fast forward to yesterday. A little background, James has had an umbilical hernia (a hole behind his belly-button) since he was born. We had an appointment at Children's Mercy Hospital to have the surgeon look at it and schedule a time to have it fixed. Imagine my surprise when he came back in and said "Does Thursday morning work for you?".

Well, um, yeah, I guess! lol

So James will be going under the knife this Thursday morning! It's outpatient surgery, so he'll be home in the afternoon. It will probably be harder on Mom and Dad than it will be on James. The hardest part is going to be keeping James still and quiet long enough to recover. I'm not looking forward to the whining, mine or James!! lol

If you pray, please keep us in your prayers, and if you think, keep us in your thoughts ;) lol!!

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