Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's only been 3.5 yrs...

And I FINALLY got my foyer decorated! lol

I have decorating ADD (ooooo look.... something shiney!!) and very specific ideas about what I want in my house. Most often I can find something that is *almost* right, but not quite, lol. And if it's not right, I don't buy it, you know? It still needs *something* cool, but I have to be conscious of little hands that can't seem to leave Mommy's stuff alone, even though he should know better.

It's been painted for over a year, lol. I've had the vinyl expression for about as long (but couldn't find the "right" sized frame for what I was willing to pay). I've had the picture frame for even LONGER. My MIL gave it to me, what, 2? yrs ago??

It just took me this long to find the exact table I like, the pics I want in the frame, and stuff for the table. Once the Christmas season is over, I'm in trouble again, because I'll have to put away the little trees I made (Which I love!! Styrofoam is awesome!) Suggestions are welcome!

Any way... here are the pics! (It's a REALLY tight area, so it's hard to get a good picture of any of it, sorry)



Close up of the Uppercase Living expression (anyone who likes UL and wants some, let me know, I have a good friend who is a rep)

Now.... only 1300 sq ft to go!! lol

Though as my friend, Jamie, said "Now that you got that done, when will you be moving??" LOL!!! I figure we'll get orders in about a week! lol

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