Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Random Tidbits

We are watching Frosty the Snowman, and Frosty said something to the effect fo "Why didn't I think of that?"

To which James replies to the TV, "Because you have a brain made out of snow!"


James told me he has decided that we are taking Curious George goes to the Hospital, Madeline and The Belly Button Book to the hospital tomorrow.

I like that kid's style! Lol


I was looking for a new treat to make this year, so a friend of mine gave me the recipe to Puppy Chow this evening and I made a big double batch.

Hubby came in and started snarfing down the puppy chow. He was like "Awesome!! Puppy chow!! I LOVE this stuff!!"

9.5 years of marriage and I never knew this! lol


Mom sent Hubby something packed in dry ice and he and James spent quite a few minutes playing with it in the kitchen, lol! It was like getting 2 presents in one! lol The rest of the dry ice is residing in the freezer for future fun.


James played Santa at school for his friends on Friday.

I made Candy Christmas lights.

Added just a little trim and a ribbon..... And Voila!!! Adorable little gifts!!

There are 20 kids in his class (including him) and I made 40 pops so he could have some too. He took all of them to school and instead of eating his, he gave them to the assistant teacher, not knowing that I already had a gift for her. With his high energy and impulse issues, I sometimes forget that he has such a huge heart and can be really sweet. I do love that kid!

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