Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surgery Day!

I'll be updating throughout the day, so watch this space!!

7:00 am: In the waiting room, waiting for james's name to be called. He seems remarkably calm for someone who is going under the knife! Lol. But we have really down played this too. He's watching Jungle Junction and playing with a bead toy.

7:30: the nurse has checked all his vitals (perfect) and we have spoken to the surgeon. Now we are just waiting for the Ana. to show up

8:30 am: we are in the waiting room, waiting....
James is on his way to surgery. It was tough on Mom and Dad to leave him. He was too busy jabbering at the nurse to even notice, lol!  The child does NOT know a stranger

So now, we wait. His surgery should take about an hour. Then he has to go to recovery to wake up. That takes about 45 mins to an hour or so. THEN we get to see him and take him home. 

Daddy is having a really tough time with this. He doesn't like needles or hospitals or doctors, lol.. And then to abandon his little guy to them??

9:30 am: Just talked to the surgeon... Every thing went fine. Apparently the hole was bigger than they thought, about the size of the surgeon's thumb!  They gave him an incision on the underside of his belly button, lifted it up, gave him 6 stitches on the inside, laid the belly button down and then gave him 8 on the outside. 

He should be waking up soon and then we'll be able to go see him in about 1/2 hour. 

The doc wants us to try to keep him still for a week. 

Hahahahahahaha. ~wipes tears from eyes~

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