Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cutest Halloween Craft EVER

Pinecone Spiders!!


James and I made these up today. I've never seen a Halloween craft that calls for pinecones and goodness knows our yard is FULL of them! I was tired of him collecting them aimlessly and leaving them as "fun" surprises for me to find taking the step out of our door in the morning. The discovery of which are usually followed by language inappropriate for a 4 yr old's ears! lol

Materials needed:

small pine cones
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
hot glue gun


1. Bend pipe cleaner in the middle so both "Legs" are the same length


2. Working from the "face" side of your pine cone, thread the U in the spines of the pine cone.


3. Repeat with remaining 3 pine cleaners. Twist the last pipe cleaner to secure to the pine cone (you may twist all of the pipe cleaners... but I only found it necessary to do with the last one as it was near the "pointy" end and the spines weren't securing it)

4. Bend pipe cleaners over your fingers to form the legs. I like to do the front and back ones first, to get the spider to "sit" the way I want.

Photobucket Photobucket

5. Use hot glue to secure 2 googly eyes to the "face" of your spider


Voila!! One itsy bitsy spider you don't mind sitting down beside ya!!


ETA: You could Jazz these up by spray painting the pinecone black (before adding the legs and eyes) and then painting a mouth on it also.... but I was too lazy to do that! lol It only took like 5 mins to put each spider together... you would have to allow for drying time if you painted them.