Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Friday Tidbits

Holy Canolie!! Has it been THREE whole days since I blogged?!? What ever did you read?? lol Here are some bits from our Friday....

James and I had to leave early to buy him a little pumpkin for school... because they are painting them today and Mommy forgot!! *gasp*

Bad Mommy!! No Cookie!!

When we got to the Commissary, they didn't have any of the small pumpkins, so I bought him a carnival squash.

Hey... it's pumpkin-shaped and "mostly" orange!! lol

The only problem is that they didn't have any with flat bottoms... so I found the one with the flattest bottom and then trimmed it with my scissors in the car. But I had to use the scissors like a knife, and the way scissors are made, you have to scrape AWAY from yourself.

Oh... and not slice your thumb open..... like I did! *ouch* lol... oh well. You figure it's all worth it... until you find out that they didn't need the stupid things until next week!!



The History Channel has a program about model trains... James is fascinated. He wants it all! He says "When we talk to Santa at Christmas time, can he bring me those trains?? $500 of Trains??"

Yeah, no.


I am sitting here literally buried in trains and trucks. James keeps wrapping his trains in an afghan, bringing them over, unwrapping them, and Hollering "Sur-PRISE!!"

That's lovely... however, it will NOT get you $500 in trains!!


James asked me...

"Is this Germany?"
"Is it Mexico?"
"Is it Africa?"
"Is it Kansas City??"



After listening to someone vocally and persistantly requesting to eat nothing but oatmeal for dinner for over 1/2 hour (Dad had to work late and Mommy thought "why the heck not?"), the amount of quiet coming from the dinner table was beginning to concern Mommy, who peeped out of the laundry room only to see James sacked out beside his empty bowl. lol


Heard from the bathroom:
James yelling "can you help me wipe my butt??"

I walked around the corner into the living room to see James backing out of the bathroom with a wipe sticking straight up out of his backside like a feathered duck tail!!

I *would* have taken a picture... and I actually had the camera in my hand, when I realized.... Yeah... NOT so appropriate for the internet! lol


I just realized that James won't know what a set of encyclopedia is.

Man... I'm old!


James is running back and forth in the house humming "Flight of the bumblebee"

He's running faster than he's humming! lol


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... bedtime!! Not a minute too soon!

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Team Martins said...

I don't know which piece was funnier... but thanks for this big fat belly laugh! James is quite a character... should he and Hope ever meet up, we'd have something else on our hands! He is such, such a cutie!