Friday, October 31, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!!

Best. Show. Ever.

Contrary to the usual "mean mom" attitude, I allowed James to "crack the rules" and stay up and watch. This is the first year that he's watched it and actually *gotten* it. He LOVED it. All I heard afterwards was "I want to watch it AGAIN, Mommy!! I want to watch it AGAIN!!!" lol We are so inspired that James is going to put out the lion's share of his candy tonight, so the Great Pumpkin will bring him a special gift.

And speaking of "great pumkins" here are ours for the year. We each get one to decorate as we please. (I JUST got inspired to carve mine at 11 am TODAY, so there are no *lit* pictures.... I'll add some later, ok??)

James and his creation (using paint and foam stickers.... he wanted to carve... but I told him he had to be able to clean out his own pumpkin before he could carve it. Thank goodness he thinks pumpkin "guts" are gross!! )



Mine (spoon, paring knife, and potato peeler):


A little Jack O'lantern Trivia for you.... My pumpkins always have ears and eyebrows!

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Team Martins said...

Talented. Period. What cool pumpkins! Loving all your snippets of life in Household 6!