Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are *such* joiners! lol

So I went and signed James up for Gymnastics!! This is going to be interesting, to say the least! We did one week of swimming this summer and by the 2nd day, James had his own personal lifeguard due to a "I don't need to hold on to the wall even though I can't touch the bottom and the teacher is paying attention to another child" incident that could have gone really badly, really quickly if Mommy hadn't been kneeling by the side of the pool, because she knows her child as well as she does! lol We would have done swimming again, but by the time we were able to get him moved back into 3 day/week preschool from 5 day/week, all the classes had been filled until December!

So it will be interesting to see how much damage he can do in a padded gymnasium!

I did not realize, however, when I signed him up that we had to buy special "gymnastic" shoes. Oh joy. James and I schlepped all over town (I say "all over", there are only 2 places that carry these in Podunk, Kansas), only to find that both stores are having supply issues and neither have Senor WideAsHellFeet's size in stock. I can't order them off ebay because we aren't 100% sure of the size he needs (he'll have to try a few on... apparently gymnastic shoes do NOT come in wide).

*sigh* and so it begins! I'm REEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALY regretting not working at a sporting goods store any more!! lol That employee's discount would be niiiiiiiiiiiice!

Anyway... He goes on Tuesdays and that fills up the last day that we did not have an activity during the week. It's nice to have a reason to HAVE to go out of the house every day, kwim??

This is our week:

Monday: Preschool
Tuesday: Gymnastics
Wednesday: Preschool
Thursday: Playgroup
Friday: Preschool

The class is for the next 7 weeks, keep your fingers crossed that he likes it!

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